Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On Spray

   I am searching for a reason to justify this. There is absolutely no reason to assume that such sprayings are anything other than pure ego-driven narcissism. Blockage of the chakras has brought on an ego/super ego imbalance which Reason falsely assumes can be alleviated by seeking recognition from the herd.
    Does a mountain think? Does a mountain have awareness?  Every time you spray about a mountain you are layering on the units of logical typing and slightly increasing the mental process, or sentience IYW of that mountain, that soaring piece of stone and ice.  Stone, being a highly nonentropic substance itself, is not easily penetrated by the nonentropy of your sprayings, but the influence of the spray attractor over the mountain attractor accumulates over time, and too much spraying about climbing can affect the outcome of climb itself. Books, legends, blogs, braggadoccio, they can all influence the attractor that is layering onto the mountain and your climbing of it. This is why the hunter does not brag. This is why it is foolish to be doing this, this blogging of mountains, but one does not wish to be an old fogey got out of the new road cause you couldn't lend your hand.

   Sir Apple showed me a New Yorker cartoon.  Two dogs hanging out.  One says: "I had my own blog for a while, but I decided to go back to just pointless, incessant barking."  

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