Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sinuk River Alexander Supertramp Bluffs

I renounce the dominion of your daily hassle

Our tangles of accountability...

With this threshold we become ourselves, Lazarus

Time to range out through the topples of marble and schist (we five)

Beat out the kinks in the springs of our hearts

Pick berries as they are melting in the cold rain

And smash them as we fall

I returned to the Alexander Supertramp Bluffs. This time I was accompanied by human mothers, just as fearsome as sows with cubs, IMO. We reached the bluffs. The males went climbing for rocks while the females picked blueberries, just a bit sparse this year.

An overhang presented itself in the Greenschist Gardens. So Scottish was the weather, we were loathe to don our rock shoes, and so cranked it in our hiking boots.

A second metamorphic event, heat and pressure of some kind during the Cretaceous, (as if these dog-dooey clumps of crust had been dumped back into the oven for a moment) (I have been told, by more than one unnamed geologist staggering in Front Street bars) (Geology is a mural) may account for how sketchy a problem like this can feel... This is Mr Collins attempting SrikSrik. We are praying he shall not be crushed...

Cold clam lichen and slime, with the usual conundrum: whether to spend some of your "nine lives factor" and dangle your two hundred pounds out on the lip of the non-adhered multi-ton, cantilevered thing, or not. The fulcrum of the paradox becomes: is the boulder problem worth nine lives? I felt this one was. Some surprise jams at the lip made the pullover casual . Srik-Srik, 5.8 .

We proceeded around the corner to the marble bluffs. A buffet of rain streamed in from the Norton Sound and soon we were ensconced in Fall drizzle. We bouldered up the cliff in the photo, but only the super easy slabs on the right, for rain renders the marble friable, not to mention our fingers freezing. Back some day again, maybe for the mixed and turf midwinter...

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