Friday, April 16, 2010

Mud Mounds—part I

(below)  Same tooth, interestingly (the photo of Raina is reversed, I think.)  Her's went to the Tooth Fairy a couple of weeks ago.  Mine splintered into several pieces and fell into the snow last night at the Anvil mud mounds.   Both incidents occured within a two-week range;  this might, I think, qualify this dental coincidence as a 1.0 on the Synchronicity Scale, but that may be an exxageration.  
accident analysis:  the temperature had cooled down dramatically to about five above, so the mud had hardened since my glorious day in the Anvil mounds the previous Sunday (trespassing horribly, for which i confess and apologize)...  chisel was dull, penetration shallow...  as soon as I applied weight, left tool popped out... the apex of that cool Black Diamond adze (the triangular one that you can torque in so many different ways) slammed lower left incisor.     

synchronicity analysis:  periodic frequency of zone 2 physical injuries one every three years, on average,
to be noted that for Raina, this was no zone 2, merely the first tooth for the Fairy,
which may lower the synchronicity rating, but still, can we not call this coincidence at least a 1.0?

(and did i mention it was cold?  Lord God it was allapa!  Springtime in Alaska and it's Forty Below!  Wind blustering through at twenty to twenty five, spindrift spindrifting, Mikey and me blogganeering through sting and lash and frozen blood clumps, Left Hand of Darkness cold!  Allaparunga!  CLEM!!  CLEM!!!)


  1. Interesting musings and pics, my friend. Thanks for several minutes of entertainment.

  2. OWWW! That looks like it hurt, i hope you have a good dentist, as your daughter (very cute by the way) gets to grow a new one in its place. I know, a mouthguard is probably out of the question..
    Safe climbing!